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My project is designed with two Air cooled screw chiller and there is no
heating system.

1. Water cooled chiller error

As per ASHRAE App G, my project should be modeled with Water cooled chiller
in baseline. So when I am trying to change the condenser type as Water
cooled in Baseline model, a tab is being popup to enter "Required chiller
data for chiller" as attached. Please let me know how can I assign water
loop and when I am trying to resolve it by selecting some defaults, chiller
is being deleted.

(I tried another model changing Water cooled condenser system to Air cooled
condenser same error popup)

2. No Heating load in the report:-

The project heating type should be Electric Resistance and should be kept
identical in both the cases as my proposed building does not have heating.

As I haven't seen Electric resistance option, so I have selected Electric as
Heating source. Unfortunately my results indicate Space Heat as Zero
Electric Consumption. This is not acceptable by LEED.

Please help me to model Water cooled condenser and space heating.

Many Thanks



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If you have a model that is working with an air cooled condenser and you
would like to switch the condenser to be water cooled for your ASHRAE 90.1
App G, first create a condenser water loop (it will be green) and THEN
change the condenser of the chiller. eQuest wants you to do things in a
specific order.

Your heating is likely 0 because you need to specify a supply air
temperature for heating. Depending on the air-system you have selected, you
need to input an upper supply air temperature setpoint (like 105 F) and a
reheat temperature range, like 40 F. If you do not specify a temperature
range, zone-level heating elements will not be sized on simulation and
therefore, not turn on, resulting in no-heating.



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