VRF System Modeling - eQUEST - or HAP?

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I found this thread on the Bldg-sim archive - has anything changed with
regard eQuest's ability to adequately model VRF systems?

We have a project that was simulated with HAP, and has now changed to
VRF. Has anyone successfully simulated VRF in HAP?

Kristin Gustafson EIT, LEED(r) GA


Steve Gates is working with Daiken to develop the algorithms and data
necessary to be able to model VRFs in eQUEST. He is also developing a
new eQUEST platform simultaneously and more slowly called the Design Day

platform which will solve many of the perceived "problems" with eQUEST
subroutines. I do not know when the DD platform will be available but I
don't think it will slow him up with respect to developing the VRF
algorithms. They will be added to the existing eQUEST platform. These
algorithms will be available some time early to mid next year.

The EnergyPro algorithms are based on MSA data and were developed by
Tianzen Hong for Martin Dodd. I do not know if there is enough of a
difference between MSA VRFs and Daiken VRFs operation/data that would
make the EnergyPro tool inappropriate for use in analyzing the Daiken
VRFs. Someone else could answer this question. Maybe the Daiken rep
quoted here knows enough about it and using EnergyPro is quite

Carol Gardner

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