VRF system error

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I am playing with the VRF model in the DOE-2.3 version of build 7174 and
am hitting the error:

???????????? Heat-Exchanger: GFCore Zn (G.C4)???????????????? has
???????????? design parameters:
????????????? QhxDesign?? SupFlow???? SupTi???? SupTo
??????????????? -10403.??? -1463.?????? 0.8?????? 7.9
????????????????????????? DemFlow???? DemTi???? DemTo
??????????????????????????? 2142.?????? 8.7????? 28.7

I suspect that it is a result of an imbalance between my condensing unit
and some of the indoor units but I am unfamiliar with the new keywords
and am looking for help in getting the model operational.

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