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Howdy folks.

I have seen a number of references to eQuest version 3.63 come across
the listserv, but I am only aware of 3.61b available for download
according to the DOE-2 website. How does one obtain version 3.63?

Gary Schrader

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I received it at a training seminar. It was supposed to be uploaded to
the doe website in September, but to date it has not.

Alison Staudinger P.E., LEED AP

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eQUEST version 3.63 is in what we call a "pre-release" state right now.
We are using it in training sessions and providing it to some
individuals when they experience issues or are in need of features
available in this latest version but not in previous ones.
We are not sure exactly when this new release will be posted as some
testing and clean-up is still underway, but once it is finalized we will
be posting it to the website (and will likely announce it to
this and other e-mail lists).

Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.

- Scott

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I apologize for creating confusion with my post. I was under the
assumption v3.63 had been officially released.



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