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Hi Everyone,

My proposed design has both standard VAV boxes and series fan powered terminals on the same system. E-quest let me select both PIU and VAV standard boxes on the same Series fan power VAV system, so I think this is a way to go. However, I have a dilemma regarding the terminal units' schedules. My system serves both 24/7 spaces and offices that operate 8 am -5 pm. In reality, VAV terminals and fan powered boxes that serve offices will be shut down during the night. Does anyone know what is a good way of modeling this in e-quest? I was thinking to create two systems but it will probably complicate the process of entering data for proposed design. Or, maybe, to set my minimum flow to zero at space level, but I am not sure that such approach would mimic accurately the real operation of the system. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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At the zone level, in the flow parameter tab, you can enter a min-flow
schedule that will shut off the flows in the zones based on a schedule
and you can use it for only those zones that need it.


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