VAV system increases cooling and heating

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Hi all,

I had single zone reheat in my proposed case.

but when i changed the systems to VAV the cooling consumption increased and
there is also heating occurring now (my zone doesn't need heating).

does anyone know why would it happen?



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Hi Tejas,

As per me the space cooling goes to a higher value as VAV is meeting the
set-point control of each and every zone.

Whereas the Single Zone Reheat meets the cooling requirement of the control
zone. It does not meet the demand of slave zones. As per an exercise done
by me I was able to find that the slave zones in the summary report in the
Air-side tab are showing unmet load hours which is not in the case of VAV.

The heating requirement, the VAV can meet the zones requirement during
winter season. We can also say that the VAV is also meeting the heating
set-point requirement during winter and showing Heating consumption.

Sharad. Kumar
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