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I am looking for people to test some software I am developing:


Corrie is a software program for providing building design
advice based on building performance simulation. It is
intended for very early in the design process before even
the building shape has been decided. The software may be
used for ASHRAE Standard 209 Modeling Cycle #1 ?Simple Box
Modeling.? The software may be useful as part of a bid or
before a charrette. It requires only a few inputs and uses
EnergyPlus and OpenStudio to produce a series of simulations
that explore how the building design is impacted by a
variety of energy efficiency measures. Corrie creates a
PowerPoint presentation based on the simulation results for
the measures selected and options chosen. Each type of
measure is shown as a graph on a slide with energy usage for
each of the options selected. In addition, a slide with the
end-use breakdown is included as well as a slide on the
assumptions used.

Please let me know when you test it and if it works or how
it doesn't.



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