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Berkeley Lab?s Simulation Research Group (*http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/
*) has open positions to conduct
research, implement and deploy Modelica- and FMI-based new generation
modeling and simulation tools for buildings and district energy systems.

You will participate in projects such as *OpenBuildingControl
*, *Spawn of EnergyPlus
*, the Modelica *Buildings
* Library and the *IBPSA
Project 1 *.

What you will do:


Conduct research, develop and deploy new generation modeling tools for
building and district energy system design and operation based on the
Modelica and FMI standards.

Conduct research in how to extend and apply these modeling standards and
numerical methods in the redesign of EnergyPlus to allow Modelica and
FMI-based HVAC and control simulation, and to support research in urban
energy systems.

Conduct research, implementation and distribution of computing tools for
building and district energy systems, including their controls, based on
Modelica, FMI and mathematical programming packages for design and
real-time operation.

Link domain-specific simulation programs to each other to support rapid
prototyping, integrated whole-system level analysis and model-use during

Publish research results in leading journals, present findings at
national and international conferences and work with industry on testing
and deploying the research.

Contribute to writing proposals, securing funding and leading research
projects and tasks.

To apply, visit the following links:

- Computational Research Scientist: *http://m.rfer.us/LBLXpR1zK
- Principal Scientific Engineering Associate: *http://m.rfer.us/LBLmjq1zJ
- Post-Doctoral Fellow: *http://m.rfer.us/LBLgmj1zL

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