user/stakeholder input on EnergyPlus FY18 workplan

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Hello EnergyPlus users and stakeholders,

Over the next six weeks, DOE and the EnergyPlus development team will be crafting the FY18 workplan. As we have done for the previous two years, we will be incorporating your priorities into the process via the UserVoice portal which is also linked from feedback tab. If you have new features that you would like to see, existing features that you would like improved (or removed!), or other ideas, please suggest, discuss, and vote! The EnergyPlus development team will be closely monitoring the site, commenting, responding, and refining.

Thank you for your interest in EnergyPlus and for helping us make EnergyPlus the most useful tool it can possibly be. Fair warned, I plan to send a version of this email once a week for the next several weeks.

Enjoy the long weekend,

-Amir and the EnergyPlus development team.

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