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Hello all,

I have two questions.

1) I am modeling a two story office building but one of the first floor
walls is under ground-level. What is the best way to change the wall type
for that wall only.

2) Second floor foot print slightly different from first floor. How can
I define the difference for second floor only?

Thank you for your help in advance.


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1) Change wall type in Detail Edit Mode.

2) Define 2nd floor like 1st in Design Development Wizard. Then go to
Screen #2 and change the footprint.

Remember - do ALL changes you can in the Wizard mode. Once you get to
the Detailed Edit mode, and try to go back, you can lose your changes.

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Hi Mark,

1) You can change the wall type for one wall only in the detailed edit mode
after you are finished with the wizard. Just beware that if you make
changes in detailed mode, and go back to wizard mode, your detail mode
changes will be lost.

2) To create a building with different floorplans for each floor, make a
new shell for each floor. On wizard screen 1, "General Shell Information,"
position floor 2 immediately above floor 1. You may also want to specify
exact site coordinates so that the floors line up properly.

Good Luck,


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