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I have created a 3D model of a building with 87 external surfaces, using
Sketchup. When I import this model using the 3D Building Wizard, the
resulting model includes two Type15 weather units. The first Type15 unit
has 25 surfaces, most of which are linked to the radiation calculator, the
second Type15 unit has 62 surfaces, with only one connection to the
radiation calculator and this connection has a duplicate name and is
therefore invalid. There are no connections between the Radiation
Calculator and the Type56 unit.

I thought that the issue might be related to a limit on the number of
constants allowed, so I modified TrnsysConstants.F90 and rebuilt
TRNDll.dll, but the same issue occurs.

I can manually merge the two Type15 units by modifying the input file, but
manually linking everything will be quite tedious. I would prefer to figure
out how to make the wizard work correctly, if possible.

Any ideas on what to try next?

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I believe that there is a 999 surface limit in TRNBuild/Trnsys3D.
However, you are quite far from that and I don't know whether there is a
limit to the number of different orientations that can be handled. It is
normal that there would not be any visible connections between the
Type15 and the Type56; these connections are made implicitly in Trnsys17
so long as you have "internal" selected for each ORIENTATION listed in
TRNBuild. From your message I am not entirely clear whether you are
getting an error message or whether Trnsys is not functioning normally.
I would recommend that you send the *.tpf and *.b17 to your distributor
for some assistance.
kind regards,

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