TRAINING - EnergyPlus and DesignBuilder in London (November 20-22)

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Big Ladder Software is pleased to announce that we are offering training
workshops in *London* on *November 20-22* in partnership with CESI
(National Centre for Energy Systems
Integration) to be held at *Newcastle University London*
! The first two days will be our
*EnergyPlus* for

followed by a one-day workshop on how to use *DesignBuilder* to increase
productivity and customize *EnergyPlus* simulations. This third day is
being offered in collaboration with DesignBuilder Software
, who will be presenting the training

- *EnergyPlus for Practitioners*: November 20-21
- *Using DesignBuilder to Maximize EnergyPlus Productivity*: November 22

* You can register for these workshops separately* -- you don't have to
attend both.

If you are in academia and interested in attending, be sure to contact
training at to claim an *academic discount*.

*Register now for London*

EnergyPlus for Practitioners

*Workshop Description*

- Have you ever wanted to truly understand how to use *EnergyPlus* at the
text level?
- Have you been using *OpenStudio*, *DesignBuilder*, or another GUI and had
the need to peek under the hood to debug a problem or implement a measure
or workaround?

*This workshop should be a prerequisite for anyone planning to work
with EnergyPlus regardless of what user interface you choose.*

This two-day workshop focuses on the needs of the energy modeling
practitioner in order to get you up to speed and highly productive with
*EnergyPlus* as quickly as possible. We cover the fundamentals of
*EnergyPlus* such as geometry and internal loads while rapidly ramping up
to advanced topics such as HVAC systems and controls. We guide you through
the complexities of the *EnergyPlus* syntax, input/output files,
documentation, and essential software tools including the *Euclid* plugin
for *SketchUp*. Most importantly, we teach you how to use the available
resources to teach yourself going forward. Demonstrations and hands-on
exercises are used extensively throughout. By the end of the workshop, you
should be comfortable with creating, running, and debugging *EnergyPlus*

*Using DesignBuilder to Maximize EnergyPlus ProductivityWorkshop
DescriptionThis one-day workshop will show you how DesignBuilder
can be used to significantly speed up the
process of creating models to simulate using EnergyPlus. You will learn how
to use DesignBuilder?s powerful geometry and data management features to
help you create EnergyPlus models much more efficiently and maximize your
productivity whilst still leveraging the power of the EnergyPlus engine.
Training topics include:- Introduction to DesignBuilder- Quickly
re-creating the EnergyPlus model: Geometric operations and efficient model
data input- Running simulations- Exporting IDF data to modify outside
DesignBuilder (EnergyPlus experience is recommended for this session)-
Introduction to the DesignBuilder EMSNo prior experience with DesignBuilder
is necessary, and a free 30-day trial license can be used during the
course. In the morning, you will learn to use DesignBuilder to model the
building you created in EnergyPlus during the two-day EnergyPlus for
Practitioners training. In the afternoon, you will consolidate the
knowledge learned in the first two days to export the IDF data from
DesignBuilder and then manipulate it to add or change inputs and run that
simulation in EnergyPlus. In the end, you will be introduced to the
DesignBuilder EMS, which enables you to customize an EnergyPlus simulation
using a simple script-based approach to change simulated behavior for HVAC,
natural ventilation, glazing and lighting systems.*
Aaron Boranian
808 895-1741

Big Ladder Software LLC
1624 Market Street, Suite 304
Denver, CO 80202

Aaron Boranian
808 895-1741

Big Ladder Software
2549 Irving Street
Denver, CO 80211

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