TMY2 vs TMY3 Weather Files

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There was a discussion regarding the use of different weather files recently.

Please see the attached spreadsheet that was generated using BinMaker Pro 3 for
Hartford, CT.

I do not use this program in eQuest, but for my investment grade energy audits.

You can see that, in Hartford, the coldest and warmest temperatures have been
clipped in the TMY3.

eQuest, by default uses the TMY2 Energyplus files. Can eQuest use the TMY3?

Paul Diglio

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That is a great suggestion to bin the different weather files to compare them. I will have to try that.
eQUEST & any version of DOE2 can use TMY3 is just has to be in the right format. Joe Huang did the community a nice favor by converting and posting a bunch at

And then reposted them at

Paul Riemer

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Yes eQuest can use TMY3. In the detailed mode under Project & Site
click on the Project (top of Component Tree) and enter the location and
nome of the bin weather file you need.

Melissa Crowe


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