Thermal Storage Systems

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Hello All,

I'm working on a file where I'm trying to use thermal storage systems (both
hot and cold). I've been seriously struggling with these systems. They
seem to work fine when they are used in a loop as a buffer (say a boiler
supplies heat to the thermal storage system, and to a loop). But... I'm
trying to recover waste heat from a chiller system. If I use any of the
thermal storage, it then becomes a load on the system, and demands
re-charging from the boiler. I actually see an increase in energy use with
a thermal storage tank, in some cases. Also, when I try to use an equipment
control sequence to turn off a boiler, things get very strange, like thermal
storage tank temperatures going below 0 F, when they should be set to 105,
and charging rates of 1.0 x 10 -6, when the capacity should be 1 MBTU.

Similarly, I'm having trouble with cold storage. I've seen some posts here
about ice storage systems, so I assume some of you have figured it out. For
the cold storage system, I'm looking to store cold energy at night with a
chiller, and then use it to offset my needs during the day. However, once
the thermal storage thank is charged, it rarely empties. Again, when I
implement any sort of equipment controls strategy, I get very strange

I'm attaching a file that i hope is simple enough for you to look at, any
advice is greatly appreciated.


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