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Hi, everyone :

When I finished a thermal storage system, I found the thermal Storage
can't be control by "Equipment control" list. Like the illustration
below, the list only content Chillers on the loops.

What I want is to make sure the Thermal Storage energy should be used by
control, at most of the cases it should be used first, but on the
warmest day , It should be used at 3~5PM to prevent the main chiller
can't deal with the cooling load.

Who can take some light on this ? Any suggestion should be appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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When I model thermal storage, I typically set up equipment controls to
control when the Ice tank will be charging and discharging. In the
discharge sequence, if you set the chiller to sequence 2, the ice
storage tank will be discharged first. At the bottom of the equipment
controls screen, you can input the correct thermal storage information.

After I create the equipment controls, I typically create a load
management for the cooling equipment which tells the equipment when to
charge and when to discharge. You will have to create a FLAG schedule
for the load management equipment control.

If anyone has a better or more detailed technique of modeling thermal
storage please add to the conversation.

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This is the methodology I typically use, but I have been playing with the idea of separate charge and discharges loops, with an availability schedule on the charge loop. The only caveat to this is the need for a dummy coil to be placed on the charge loop, otherwise that loop won't flow. I can't remember if I was happy with this or not, but have predominantly used what Otto illustrated.

Either way I would suggest verifying with hourly reports and tweaking the FLAG schedule to make sure the hourly wiggles the way you want it to.

Matthew Higgins, CEM, HBDP, LEED-AP (BD+C)

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