System selection as per section G3.1.1 for Lab building

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Dear All,

I have a question regarding Apndx G system selection for the Bio Lab
building - Currently I'm simulating a lab building for LEED compliance and
project fall under system-7 based on G3.1.1A but the section G3.1.1, allows
us to use system 3 and 4 for the spaces which has cross contamination
requirements. The lab area is 75% of the total building area (200,000
sq.ft) whereas remaining is office and meeting rooms. My doubt is, if i use
package single zone system for the lab area as per section G.3.1.1, then
what shall i model for the remaining 25% of the office areas?

Thanks in advance!


Javed Iqbal, LEED AP, CEA
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