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Hello Everyone

I am new to Equest and am having trouble when I try to work with a local
weather file on a certain computer and run the sim. I've gone through the
"test equest" process, where I basically open the wizard, accept all
defaults, and it runs great. I've been playing with the tutorials for about
a month now, I suppose I should have run a sim before and identified this
problem earlier.

As soon as I select any other town than the default and try to run a
simulation, I get "1 run terminated due to errors", and when I "view
detailed simulation output file" and select "open", I get an out of memory
error when it tries to open the Sim viewer. Then the sim viewer does open,
and the file references a problem with the weather file "end of file read on
weather file", and nothing else is in the file.

I've tried restarting computer, running no other software, however task
manager indicates I only have about half of my physical memory available
even when nothing is running. If I'm interpreting that correctly.

I've downloaded Equest on another computer (not typically available to me),
and it seems to work fine (at least I don't get this error and sim failure),
even with the specified weather file. The computer with the problem is a
laptop, with 1 GB memory, and 1.83 dual processor. It is quite a few (or
more) years old, yet was a hot machine when new. I'm afraid this computer
is just not up to the task. I'm newly "out on my own" and hate to buy a new
computer if I don't really need it right now. Any advice on how to make it
work would be appreciated. I don't see on the Equest page where system
requirements are listed, but I expect I'm out of luck.

If the computer is due to be replaced, what would be recommended for system
processor and memory and else to make it an Equest happy machine for many
years to come?



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Your machine should have plenty of juice to run eQuest. Various versions of
DOE2 have been around for many, many years, just ask some of the people on
this list-serve.

However, it does sound like you have something going on with your computer.
I have heard that after a few years windows can become somewhat unstable,
so backing up your data and programs, and re-installing windows may be a
good idea. It's not too difficult and can improve computer performance

But, before you do this, you might want to check the location of the weather
file, and see if the "default" file and the new one you are trying to run
are in the same folder on your computer.


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