Supply air details for a DOAS system

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Dear All,
I am working on a project with VRF system. The fresh air is supplied through a dedicated outdoor air system with fresh air ducts and separate fresh air diffusers in each zone. While modeling in Equest, i have created the DOAS system. For each VRF system type modeled, i have specified the DOAS system. Now while entering the zone details under each VRF system type, i have a small confusion.
Under the outdoor air tab, i will enter the outdoor air flow CFM provided by the fresh air diffuser in each zone. But when entering "design flow" cfm under "air flow" tab, do i have to enter only VRF supplied design air flow or add the design air flow + outdoor air and enter the total airflow in the zone.?
If i add, will Equest understand that outside air part is cooled by the DOAS and only (Total - OA) should be cooled by the VRF system?
Please clarify.

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