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I have a project that is pursuing LEED CS 2009 where tenant areas and
common areas need to be metered separately by end use (lighting, plug
loads, etc). I have set up two zones on each floor and switched to the
detailed mode. Then I added a tenant meter and a common area meter,
however I can not figure out the next step of assigning the meters to
those zones. I can see where in the Electric Meter Properties
interface, under the direct loads tab, you can input loads (kW) to
specific end uses, however this only ADDs consumption to the meters, it
doesn't delineate consumption.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Bryce Colwell LEED AP BD+C, BPI, HERS

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Hi Bryce,

You can assign your meters as system wise in Air Side HVAC (see the attached screen shot).


Ashu Gupta

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You can add a sub meter and then change each type of load under the air-side
system tab, lighting, equip, etc are all different options under there,
however, if you have multiple types of the same load as far as I can tell
that is not possible (ie two lighting loads, or two equipment loads for the
same space.

Michael Shields

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I was contacted directly and missed the open discussion, but here's my
response for the benefit of others:

Hi Bryce,

Once you've defined your new meter(s), the option to assign "equipment"
and "lighting" loads to specific meters (other than the default EM1) is
found, somewhat unintuitively I think, within the system that serves
that zone. It's done at the system level.

Check this out in your model: "airside HVAC tab," double click any
system, then click the "meters" tab to view/reassign where specific
loads go.

If you have a single system serving zones that need individual metering,
you may need to split up your system... I'm not totally sure of the
specifics re: LEED CS as I haven't tread that path yet myself. There
may be other ways to skin the cat with regard to re-assigning specific
loads, but this should be a good start from what you're trying to do.

What you've done to add a loads directly to the meter would require
removing the same loads from the building to get the costs/consumptions
back in line, but that would likely throw off the HVAC side of things
completely. A band-aid fix would be to make the building meters cost
0$ per unit energy, but then again you've got doubled consumptions to
deal with if you look to the wrong reports... I think what you're
trying to accomplish will likely mean backtracking and trying to
re-assign at the system level per above.

Oh yeah, don't forget you can easily track what various meters are
seeing through one of the SIM reports... PS-B I think (from memory...
might be something else).

Don't hesitate to ask or follow up / forward to the mailing list - I'm
sure someone out there has tread this path before with LEED CS
specifically and could offer some past experience to back up some
approach ;).

Best of luck!



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