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I am a graduate student working on a project studying the effect of louvers
on natural ventilation with respect to air movement, distribution, velocity,
temperature and the effect on thermal comfort. At the moment, I am looking
at pressure driven ventilation.

I need to do CFD modeling to be able to see the air movement through the
louvers. Then change one variable each time to study the changes in effect

I started using Design Builder CFD for the same. I am not able to model the
louvered window for the CDF analysis. Is anyone has done this exercise,
could you suggest an effective way to model a louvered window. Is there any
other free tool that I could use for this exercise?

Thank you in advance,

Deepa Chandrashekaran

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You could set up DesignBuilder to run the energy plus simulations with
variation in flow exponent which would equate to differences and model
dynamically as bulk air flow to get the rates that you then put into a
CFD model and solution by linking the results to the CFD model.

Alternatively to study the flow across the blades you could create
them as an assembly then create an external airflow model to just
study the isothermal airflow.

Other alternatives include NIST via pyrosim or openfoam both of which
are complex tools which will more than adequately do what you are
trying to do. Are you comparing them with empirical data? If so you
need a tool that can give you cell data really or at least that's
probably how it should be done.


Dr Paul Carey
Zero Energy Design Ltd

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