Starnge happenings with Wizard mode

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Got a real rip roarin for such a simple mode..This is in 3.65, Build 7173.
I am helping a client who was given this model. It is currently in the Detail Edit mode. I made a copy, turned it back into a Wizard model, and discovered Wizard EEMs. I ran it in Wizard mode to see how the EEMs faird. It turns out the last EEM shows no savings (hot water reset).?
So I removed the EEM from the batch and ran again. THIS time, no savings were shown for the new last EEM (chilled water higher temp).
I then put back the Hot Water EEM. NOW BOTH the hot water and chilled water EEM show zero savings.
I usually fly in the Detail Edit and Parametric world.
Has ANYONE ever experienced such strange behavior in Wizard? Model attached.
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