Split Dx for Cooling and Heating

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I am a beginner to Trace700, I am modeling a Hotel building in Sharm El
Sheikh, Egypt. The building uses a split unit heating/cooling system, with a
completely separate dedicated outdoor air system for fresh air. The fresh
air supply is constant and does not vary with the heating and cooling load.
The split unit draws air directly from each zone (recirculating indoor air
only) and is not at all connected to the supply ducting of the fresh air. I
need to know how to model the split unit "heating plant" as the split unit
will be running in the reversed cycle mode (heat pump) to provide winter
heating to the guest rooms?


Amgad Khattab, LEED AP

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In Create Plant tab Choose 

1) Air-Cooled unitary for Cooling plant

2)Electric resistance for Heating Plant 

Than in Cooling equipment tab provide

1) total cooling capacity and Energy rate (e.g EER) in Cooling row

2) leave blank space under capacity and provide COP of unit under heat recovery. 

This plant will model as a Heat pump. 

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