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Dear All,

I am modelling a building with a HVAC system to maintain it at certain dry
bulb temperature (DBT) & relative humidity. In eQUEST, DBT & relative
humidity control can be specified.

Whether it is possible to specify heat index (function of DBT & relative
humidity) as controlling parameter in eQUEST ?

Kindly share your thoughts about it.

Thank you.



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The only thing I can think of would be to refer to the weather file data which relative humidity data would be there? You could also reference historical weather data to determine what months or weeks would likely exceed the minimum allowable relative humidity by the system controls and customize the scheduled on time to coincide with that.

In this case one could maintain the dry bulb setting like you normally would in equest and the system still takes relative humidity into account - at least as a function of outside air intake.

This might avoid more complex approaches but it would ensure you aren't getting unexpected simulation output.

I'm not an expert though! Lol.

Good luck Prasad!

- Chris in Alaska

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