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Hi Mark et al,

Sorry to take while getting back to you, this required a little
investigation. The eQUEST team is busily working on the submittal for
the 3-63 version of eQUEST an official version which is scheduled to be
released soon. This will not mean that the previous versions of eQUEST
will be approved for use for EPAct, however, so it would be good to know
what version of eQUEST people are using most often. If anyone is
interested in moving this forward send me an email and let me know what
version you are using. Feel free to send it to me at gems at
so this site doesn't get inundated with responses.


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I removed your cc: list and most of the email chain to save on

I had a couple follow up questions that I was hoping someone could
answer. It was interesting to read that Owners do not actually have to
submit ANYTHING when they take this tax credit. The documentation for
EPAct mentions that the Owner just needs to keep the long list of
documentation requirements for any future reference (tax audit?). With
that in mind:

1) Has anyone ever had a client who DID get requested by the IRS to
submit the EPAct documentation?
2) Those that have: were you ever called out for incorrectly using
3) Has anyone ever had luck claiming that eQuest is simply a GUI to
manipulate DOE2.1 code (particularly those of us that still do a lot of
the programming in notepad)?

Hope you don't mind me tagging onto your email to ask these questions.
And I hope it doesn't look like I'm trying to "swindle" the Federal
Government by using eQuest. I'm just curious how in depth the review is
for EPAct. If building Owners can save tens of thousands of dollars a
year, it would seem to be in the Federal Government's best interest to
review carefully.

Oh, and FWIW, I use v3.61

James Hansen, PE, LEED AP

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