Space heat differs a lot between proposed and baseline

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Dear all,

If you have a baseline and a proposed design of a school, and every single input box in the boiler specs and the hot water loop is the same in both, is it possible to get a very different space heating consumption?!
This has made me crazy, one consumption is 4 times the other.
I checked the schedules, schedules of operation, everything is the same! I tried a scenario where the boiler capacities are kept to default (autosize) and another scenario where I inputted the same number (1.5 MBtu/h). I am getting really different results. Is there any other variable that I may not be paying attention to?

The electricity consumption in the proposed is around 15% less than the baseline, but why is the gas consumption (space heating only) 4 times more?

Many thanks,

Omar Katanani

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We need to see your inputs, Sir.

John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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