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Dear all,

I am having the error: "Space has no Zone - one is required". Can someone tell me:

1- What does this error mean?
2- How can I fix it (what should be done and from where)?
3- How do you "create a zone" after you have created a Space and its walls?

Many thanks,

Omar Katanani

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you'll need to go to the HVAC section of the Detailed Design mode of your
project and create a new thermal zone by right clicking on an existing one
and select "create new thermal zone." Then either assign it to an existing
system or create a new one.

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Your spaces and zones are initially created in the wizard in screen two
of the building shell. A space will be created for each zone that you
define. If you create a new space in DD Edit mode, you will have to
create a new zone for it per Rob's instruction. Assign the new zone to
the errant space and to a system from the Basic Specifications tab of
the zone.


William Bishop, EIT, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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