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Dear Friends,

Can you please guide me on following cases:

1. In one Project We have different WSHP (Water Source heat Pump)
units serving to three floors and there is one RTU which supplies
ventilation air to WSHP units. I can model WSHP units in eQuest but how to
model this RTU as it is not separate system?

2. In other Project We have combination of three AHUs - with only
Chilled water coils (Two working + One Stand by) and one Precoil unit with
Chilled water coils which supplies fresh air to these set of AHUs. What I
had done is modeled combined capacity of AHUs (with adding cfm of both AHUs)
for the area served, but then here is also question; how to model precoil

3. We have Office areas which are served by AHUs as well as there is
split AC in each office. as per my knowledge we can model only One HVAC
system for single zone in eQuest or is there any other way where I can
assign these systems and can model it?


Nimesh Prajapati


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For the WSHP and RTU issue:
1. Create a "dummy space/zone". Set the design space/zone
temperature at the design supply air temperature of the RTU. Create
the RTU and assign this dummy zone to that new system.

2. In each WSHP zone, specify OA-FROM-SYSTEM to point to the RTU
serving the dummy zone. Not perfect but it works well enough for
most applications.

No comment on the other two issues.

>> Christopher Jones, P.Eng.

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