Single zone VAV with chilled water cooling

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I am trying to model a building that uses single zone systems with variable
speed setbacks and chilled water cooling. I was under the impression that
the best way to model this would be to use the single zone reheat system
type and then lower the minimum flow ratio. When I look at the hourly
reports, eQuest is only reducing the airflow below the maximum when there
is a heating load in on the system. When the space is in cooling, or when
there is no call for heating or cooling, it is running at the maximum
airflow. Is there a way to get around this? What system type is best to
model a single one VAV with chilled water cooling?


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Hi Steve,

I just tried modeling a system type ?Variable Air Volume? or VAVS with just one zone attached to it and chilled water cooling and I think that should do what you want. You just might need to adjust the ?Maximum Cooling Reset Temp? up to a higher value if you get simultaneous heating and cooling.


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