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Has anyone ever come across an error where their simulation is unable to pass a certain day in sizing HVAC equipment (presumably a design day) in the simulation progress? There is no error, per se, just the timeout of the software on that particular day.

Michael J. Smith, EIT, LEED? AP

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Michael, You can open your BDL file (.bdl) and or your output file (.sim)
that is being generated or partially generated from your model. If you open
these files in a text editor, and scroll down to the bottom of the file
(where the error or issue is occuring) you should see a section and small
bit of info at the end of the file that will indicate or give some hint of
why things are terminating. That might give you a clue to go and see what
in your inputs is causing the problem.

Other option is to send us your .pd2 & .inp files and some of us can see if
we can recreate the error and have any ideas to help you resolve it.


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I have been using the Energy Efficiency Measure Wizard to perform simple
sensitivity analyses and I'm getting the following error message for each
simulation with an alternative parameter value.

Unable to open output EG_MoED_ED CSV file

Does anyone know what this means?


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It sounds like you did not close the previous .CSV file from your previous run
in eQuest. Close this file, and the error message should go away. I have had
this problem before.

John Aulbach

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