Shared surfaces of composite shells

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How are shared surfaces of composite shells modeled?

Say I have a building, 2 cubes, one larger, with a shared wall. Does equest
model the shared portion of the wall as an interior wall and walls exposed
to the environment as exterior.

The same question goes for other surfaces as well.

Thanks, and happy thanksgiving,


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Hi Andy,

If you define the adjacent shells in the wizards, then the answer is
that the coincident walls will be modeled as an adiabatic surface(s).
They may be changed to an interior partition construction to model heat
transfer between spaces once in detailed mode if you so desire.

Other coincident surfaces (roofs/floors) between shells do not exhibit
this behavior upon exiting the wizards. If left in the model, you will
end up with non-existant, fully shaded exterior surfaces which will
cause unrealistic envelope gains/losses to the adjacent spaces.

See Scott Criswell's post in the extended discussion copied below. More
discussion is available in the archives but I think he put it best...


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