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I have modelled the building in design development wizard.

Is it possible to have series of fins over the window area with equal space
without changing geometry.(Since I have customised the glazing unit).

I have attach the image for the reference.

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You can model fins at the end of each window or offset one way or the other from the end of windows. If you have multiple fins across a window, you have to use Building Shades or Fixed Shades. I am never sure the difference between Building and Fixed Shades.

The DOE2.2 manuals are very handy:

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Ah, a question that I can easily answer!

A building-shade is tied geometrically to a building, while a fixed
shade is not, i.e., it's tied geometrically to the global coordinate
system.? As an example, one should model the shading cast by neighboring
structures as fixed shades, and model the shading of building elements
like overhangs and fins as building shades. This distinction is handy
when one wants to rotate a building model on a given site.


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This sounds a little like a ?how should I..? question that may be best answered with a ?should you??

If I wanted this to be pretty, I would do something that based on your screenshot would be pretty complicated & time-intensive using building shades. It would involve a good long while in the text editor, copying/pasting my efforts and carefully renaming what looks like tens to hundreds of components to hopefully realize my artistic vision?

But the engineer in me has 2 alternative suggestions which won?t achieve the aesthetic ideal but could get you to the finish line quicker:

1. Build on the efforts of those who came before us, and distill your repeating sidefins into a shading coefficient:
* Note that considering the screenshot you shared, your building fa?ade orientations don?t appear to align neatly with cardinal directions. You?ll need to interpolate the provided coefficients for orientations other than N, S, E, W.
* This will result in a set of glass properties unique to each orientation in your model.
2. Do something like the following exercise, then revise the geometries & ideally step back to and utilize the DD wizards to time-efficiently tailor to your actual situation:
* Adjust a window to be 2 ft wide x 5 ft tall
* Give it a single left sidefin with a depth of 1.0 ft
* Give the sidefin a horizontal dimension of -1.0 ft. This should put the sidefin squarely along the centerline of the glazing. The window and sidefin should now look like a capital ?T? in plan view.
* Give the window a multiplier of 10.
* Zero out the windows? framing depth, and define/adjust glass properties to reflect the net properties of the framing/glass situation.
* Now we have modeled a 20ft x 5ft window band with vertical fins spaced 2ft on-center. It just doesn?t look quite so impactful.

Hope these thoughts may be helpful to you or others!


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Wow, I noticed that your image is 6.8 MB in size!? I think in the future such images,
particularly if they're just for illustrative purposes, should be downsized to something
around 200K to save bandwidth.


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