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Hey All,

I am trying to control my systems based on the delta T of the supply and
return air. I have looked around quite a bit to solve how to control this
parameter, but can only think/find one solution that I am skeptical about.

The only way that I could figure how to control this is to:

- set the supply air temperature under the Air-Side HVAC System under
the heating and cooling tabs...the "Zone Entering Max Supply Temp" and the
"Zone Entering Min Supply Temp" parameters, respectively
- then set the zone indoor design temperature (and reset the thermostat
setpoints to the same temperature) to control the return temperature

One other question, is there any way to set the cooling "zone entering min
supply temp" (under Air-Side HVAC System Parameters/ cooling sub-tab) to a
value greater than 70 F... an error pops up if you try to set this value
higher than 70 deg F. Same thing for the heating "zone entering max supply

Thank you all very much for the help.

Patrick J Keeney

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So, after analyzing the hourly reports, I have been able to get the return
temperature up to the temperature that I am looking for by setting the
thermostat schedule at that temperature....however, I cannot get the supply
air temperature low enough to meet the delta T of my system. It seems as
though eQUEST will take whatever your thermostat setpoint is, then supply
air about 10 degrees below that point to meet the thermostat setting (I need
a higher delta T than 10 deg).

Does anyone have any advice of how to set that supply air temp without
compromising the return air temp?

Thanks for all of your help. Sorry for all of the emails. I am working by
myself on this and have few other resources to turn to besides
stttttrrrruuuuuuuuggggggggggggggling through it on my own and the eQUEST

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