Service truck garage with heating only heat pump and ventilation

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Dear all,

Along with other spaces, I am about to model a service truck garage space
used for about half hour in the morning to take the trucks out and half hour
in the evening to get the trucks back in. The garage doors will be open in
the summer for most of the day and will be closed as much as possible during
the winter.

The HVAC system currently being considered is a water to water ground source
heat pump that will be used in a heating mode only. The hot water loop will
be used for point of use radiant heating while a dedicated outdoor air
system is used for ventilation. The ventilation rates are maintained at a
minimum level when not being controlled by carbon monoxide sensors. There is
no cooling in the space.

What is the best way to set up the system in eQUEST from the beginning in
the DD wizard mode?



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