Rules Evaluation Error List - Please help decipher this error code.

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I am having a difficult time tracking down this error code.

The error code is just "Error" and it follows with the message : Local()
error - SPACE:rvSkylightLPDAdj intermediate values not found. evaluating
rule: Set Lighting with Control Credits"

Can someone please shed some light on this error?

Bach Tsan

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Hi Bach,

I can't speak to your specific error text, but just this morning during a
training class I'm giving one of the participants was trying to open thier
previous day's eQuest file (in Wizard Mode), and she was seeing an error
about the Wizard Rules.bin that I had never seen before. Based on
experience I knew the error wasn't coming from the eQuest software---but was
some sort of issue of influence from the laptop she was working on (Windows
7 OS.)

I suggested that she set the eQuest compatibility to run with XP (service
pak 2 or 3-doesn't matter.) Once she fixed this setting in the eQuest.exe
file the error problems went away. Being that eQuest was originally
developed for XP operating system, there have been some crazy compatability
issues with running eQuest on the newer MS Operating systems (Vista & Win7).

Maybe this is the issue you are running into. To set your compatability:
Go to your eQuest.exe file and right click to choose "properties". Go to
the center tab called "compatability" and check the box that says "run this
program in compatability mode for" and choose the XP service pack 2 or 3.
Hopefully this will resolve your error. If not, I'm sorry if my suggestion
does not help, good luck, and keep us informed of what was the solution to
your issue so that we can all learn from your experience.


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