Roof and Skylight Errors

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Hello, all!

The screenshot below shows three different problems that I would appreciate any insight on. The .pd2 and .inp files are attached.

[cid:image001.png at 01CC30EB.8E678AE0]

Problem #1: When I right-click (or left-click) in the blank area in the 3-D viewer it shows the roof, interior floor, and ground floor that are in the nearby shell ("West Warehouse"). (Another shell will be added in the blank area.) I suspect that there are two of each layer because I tried deleting and re-creating the shell. I found that this happens on each of the standard shapes that have a corner removed from an otherwise rectangular shape ('L' shape, 'U' shape, '+' shape, etc.) in addition to where corners are "removed" from custom shapes like this. It also occurred in another instance where I had two rectangles next to each other, so it's not only in "removed" corners. I did some checks with the wizard footprint shapes and the roof and floor areas are correct. The program does not seem to be adding to the roof and floor areas. I compared energy output with rectangular buildings with the same area and the energy is the same in both cases. It appears to be problem with the viewer and does not affect the energy calculation.

Problem #2: Skylights are appearing in the blank area. I suspect this is related to Problem #1. It's interesting that the skylights are in only part of the blank area. I plan to simply delete these extra skylights when I get to the Detailed Interface, but does anyone understand what caused this in the first place and how it could be prevented?

Problem #3: The wizard is limiting skylights in the big shell on the right ("East Warehouse") to strips along the east and west sides. The problem goes away when I select the zoning to be perimeter/core instead of one per floor, which I can tolerate. I tried changing the skylight arrangement using "Custom Skylights." After entering the number of rows and columns, I draw the box as directed by the help screen. The skylights don't show up in the box...they are far to the left!

[cid:image002.png at 01CC30EC.F861B5F0]

When I move my box to the left, the skylights move to the right, but only up to a line just inside the building. As I move the box further to the left the skylights bunch up at this line until they disappear! Any thoughts?

[cid:image003.png at 01CC30ED.53F09580]
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