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Hi All,
In my hourly reports output under variable type as thermal
zone i selected three variables 1 Zone unit return humidity ratio 2
Zone unit mixed humidity ratio 3 Zone unit humdity ratio of air
leaving the cooling coil.

But i exported the hourly results to excel i am getting the values as
zero for these three parameters for all occupied hours however if i
select other parameters under thermal zone i am getting the values.

Kindly if anyone can help it out.


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What system are you using? If it's not a zonal system you likely cannot
get return air humidity ratio. I've had success getting Var 36 "Mix air
humidity ratio (lb H20/lb dry air)" in the past on PVVT systems.


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Vol 4 - Libraries of the DOE-2 documentation has a listing of all the Zone
and System hourly report variables and which systems they are applicable

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