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Hello eQuest Fellows,

I'm a new user of here, and I'm now trying to model a 10-floor residential building that has no first floor. It has several columns in the first floor in an open space (it is not a parking space also, it is just a simple open space), and it provides a few elevators there for you get to 2-10 floors. How do you think I should place my windows and doors? This might be a basic question but my problem is I don't know where to place my doors. The doors for this building seem like to be the elevator , and it is "inside" the building instead of being on any of the fa?ades. It looks like this from a 2nd-floor plan view:



And how can I place my windows? There is even no walls there.




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Hi Shirley,

I don't think you have to do anything other than model your second floor at
the appropriate height, z=however high in the air it is, and specify the
floor as being "over unconditioned space. I would ignore the columns and the
first floor, they have no significant thermal impact on the space, except
for the elevator which I would create a separate shell for with the height
of the shell set at the entire height the elevator travels. Input the
lighting w/sf for the elevator cab and the w/sf or kW to account for the
elevator motor and you are good. I am envisioning that the apartment doors
open onto a corridor, right? If that's true and their are no exterior doors
you won't have to worry about doors. You could put one on the elevator
space. You shouldn't have any difficulty placing your windows on your
exterior walls if you set it up like this.



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Hi Shirley:

One thing to add to Carol's assistance - how do you exit such a building in case
of a fire? Elevators would be out of order. Are there any fire escape door from
the 2nd floor to the ground?

John Aulbach

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