Removing HVAC System from Refrigerated Zone

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eQuest Users,

I am currently working on a model for a refrigerated warehouse in eQuest 3.61 refrigerated version. I have modeled my refrigeration system successfully (I hope). I am now trying to input my heating/cooling for the office areas. The program will not allow me to remove the HVAC systems for my refrigerated areas. Is there any way to remove these systems or does each zone need to have a HVAC system assigned to it. Is there any other way around it? Thanks for the input.

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How does the example refrigerated warehouse accomplish this?

Do you mean you want to remove the refrigerated area HVAC systems
from the model without assigning the refrigerated zones to another
system? If you remove a system you either have to remove the zone
(move the "space" to another zone) or move the zone to another system.

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