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Hi Folks!

I've got assigned in one project in eQuest which does not have LEED baseline
model and I?ve to create it.

They have already done the model for incentive from the local gas&electric
company which is very detailed and it?s in ?Detail mode? in eQuest.

For the LEED baseline, I need to create windows 40% of the wall area but
here in the model everything is according to the design (more than

I don?t want to go every single window and re-size them!

Is there any shortcut way to reduce the window by multiplying ?the? fraction
(40%/current window percent)?

To be specific, I am looking for some help using ?if?then?else..if? or any
other kind of function; that way may be just creating a single global
parameter the window area can be reduced in a very less tedious way.

Is there any particular help-file to write parameter-codes in eQuest?

Hope you understand my question.

Thanks for your time.



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I believe you could create a parametric run that redefines the window
heights, so that you end up with 40% glazing area. You would have to do
the math for what the final height would be, but I think that's the
quickest way to back into the baseline model (other baseline parameters
can be done this way also). For example:

Mark Nieman, PE, CEM

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Another option that may actually be quicker/easier, particularly if you
have many windows of varying dimensions, would be to do this manually
(outside of a parametric run):

1. Navigate to the building shell tab

2. Click any window in the component tree

3. Highlight the entire column of "Height" (or "Width")

4. Let go of your mouse, press Ctrl+c

5. Open Excel

6. Ctrl+v

7. Make a formula in the adjacent column that multiplies the
dimension by the ratio you need to get total window area back to 40%

8. Drag that formula down

9. Flex your accounting muscles and hammer the results into the
column in eQuest - you can position the windows side-by-side if you have
enough screen real-estate, or print the excel file out on paper if the
column is huge or that's easier on your eyes.

Since some rounding is involved, if you wanted to check the math before
step #9, you could copy the other (height/width) dimension across from
eQuest into a new column, and use excel to multiply your new areas
across and sum them up.


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THANKS y'all. I did it.
But there is NO code-input way, right?

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What I have done in the past is create a global parameter called "Percent Glass" and the following user defined expressions:

Height = constant

PARAMETER("Percent Glass")) /

If you want to place the window in the center of each wall:

Y = constant


Jeremy McClanathan, LEED(r) AP

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