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Dear eQuesters,

Recently I have been working on a project where the clients are planning to use the PV modules for electricity generation. I have a Helioscope simulation report provided by the PV contractor which shows the power generation as 105,300 kWh per year. However, when I use the same details mentioned in the report for my eQuest simulation, I am getting 26,576 kWh. Can anyone please explain the discrepancies on these reports or am I missing something?

The PV system used in this project has 4 inverters of capacity 20kW each. Four segments PV models with 33.6kW, 18.6kW 16.8kW and 16.1kW power generation capacity. Tracking volts of inverters : 244-529 Vac.

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I suggest trying PVWatts as a third comparator. It is fairly straight forward to use.

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System Advisor Model [Link ] could be also
considered as an option depending on simple or detailed level analysis.

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