Radiant Floor Heating and ERV- single-family home

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Hello All,

I have a 2 storey detached home I am trying to model: it is divided into a
core (main rooms- living room, kitchen, master bedroom) zone and a
perimeter (rooms that are intermittently used/conditioned such as the
dining room and spare bedroom) zone.

There are 2 identical ERV systems installed; there is one ERV servicing the
core, and another ERV servicing the perimeter.
The radiant floor heating system (loops) are also "zoned" (controlled by 6
thermostats). There is no cooling system for this home.

I noticed there are a lot of people having issues modelling radiant floor
systems (heating) and also incorporating fresh air ventilation systems

Do you know if I can model this based on your experience with eQuest? or
should be using EnergyPlus?



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