Radiant Floor Cooling

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Hello wise ones,
Has anyone ever modeled radiant floor cooling in eQUEST? I am trying to determine how difficult it will be to model such a system. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Josh Doherty

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It is Radiant COOLING that causes pause..

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Since eQUEST doesn't model airflow or natural convection, you can model
radiant cooling with no ventilation by using a fan coil or VAV system
with no heating or economizer installed and set the fan efficiency at 0

We design a lot of radiant systems with separate ventilation (based on
DOE-2 and Title 24, one would think this was a physically impossible
concept) and I usually end up modeling it as an induction system with
100% outside air if I can get away with constant fan control, zones not
too different from each other, and no operable windows. Otherwise, I
have to use one of those nasty old VAV w/reheat systems and fudge the
efficiencies. The arbitrary restrictions in eQUEST can be rather

Christopher Wark

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