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In one of the eQuest tutorial videos on youtube it mentions NOT to use "LEED-NC (Appendix G) from the dropdown menu for "Code Analysis". It is mentioned that "it doesn't do what you think it does"

I'm assuming NC means new construction. The current project I'm working on is a renovation project here in Alaska though that we are working on LEED approval for - which requires the energy modeling.

What would be the most ideal "Code Analysis" option for this application?

The tutorial sais that if you use "LEED-NC (Appendix G)" it adds a lot of unnecessary work to the energy modeling process. Is this true?

Thank you in advance!!

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter
Fort Wainwright, Alaska

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I'm sure automated baseline creation will not address all the addenda,
exceptions of ASHRAE if applicable on your project. So individual
intervention to do quality check is very essential for optimum and accurate

The best way to do compliance modeling is to "save as" proposed building
and make necessary changes as per ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G. This will give
you better control over your model and also make sure the quality check for
what you trying to accomplish.

I hope other eQuest experts can share their view on this.

Hope this helps.

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I can echo Javed's response. I believe a great number of eQuest modelers
create separate models for the baseline and proposed buildings and then
compare. As Javed said, create one version and then save-as and make

I believe the eQuest document that discusses generating LEED baseline
buildings points out that it can only make the easy adjustments like LPD.

- Matt Hein

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Hello Chris,

I would recommend not using any code analysis drop down. As I think the YouTube video alluded to, it just adds a bunch of inputs that are of no real benefit. You will still need to manually model your baseline, and you will still need to ensure everything between your proposed and baseline models are in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G. You can see below the settings I would recommend to get your project started.

[cid:image002.jpg at 01CF49AA.D9C5F190]

Good luck

Byron D. Burns, EIT, BEMP
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