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I am new at using eQuest and wondering if somehow a "single family
residential building type" can be loaded, I only get this option in
"Activity Areas Allocation". I have this question because, from the results
I am getting, it gives me the impression that the hourly profiles are based
on commercial use.

Thank you,

virginia cardona

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Virginia ? my experience is that eQuest can be used to model just about any
type of building. The only difference is how much leg work you?re prepared
to do on your own.

All of the hourly profiles can be modified when you get to the detailed data
edit (as opposed to the Wizard edit) mode. I believe I?m like most eQuest
users in that I use the Wizard edit mode to create as much of the project as
I can (building geometry, the basics of the HVAC system) and then I leave it
to finish work in the detailed data edit mode. You don?t want to go back
and forth between the two modes, because the Wizard will overwrite any
changes you?ve made in the detailed mode.

Good luck!

Steve Samenski, PE, LEED AP, BEMP

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