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Hello Everyone

I have a specific question on LEED energy analysis. Is it possible to claim savings on process load in V4?

A brief background.

I am working on a project involving green house. Major consumption is the Grow Lighting in green house space and even with conservative running hours the annual consumption is huge. Project is using advance and very efficient LED lighting as compared to the common practice of high pressure lamps.

Is there is any possibility to claim any savings on grow lights ?

It will be really great if any body can provide me some information on above.

Thanks and Regards
Ashish Shukla

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Hi Ashish,

- You can't claim savings as per 9.5 or 9.6 as prescribed under section (f).
- However, you could try using Exceptional Calculation Method. In past,
we were able to claim savings on industrial process compressor by
submitting additional supporting documentation. Since ASHRAE 90.1 *doesn't
regulate* such process loads, In that case Baseline has to
be developed carefully. A narrative should describe all Baseline and
Proposed case assumptions included for this measure as well as the
calculation methodology used to determine the projected savings. The
Baseline case description should verify that the efficiency measure is not
standard practice for a similar newly constructed facility by providing a
recently published document (*published within five years of the project
registration date*), referencing a utility program that incentivizes the
equipment installed, or by documenting systems used to perform the same
function in other newly constructed facilities (*three* facilities built
within the past five years of the project registration date). Savings
associated with the proposed case measure should also be justified with
published or monitored data. The possibility of acceptance is proportional
to the robustness of the supporting documents and should be evaluated
case-by-case which is also subjected to how far you convince the reviewer.
- The above method was valid approach in v3 and most likely would be
acceptable in V4 as well, I believe. However, it's worth submitting project
specific CIR to get further clarity on this.

Hope this helps!

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Thankyou very much for your reply Javed.


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