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In the program, I have no pump, i.e., no water-side system (DX cooling
and electric heating, no domestic hot water input), The Energy
Consumption Report still show some KWh under Pumps & Aux. Any suggestion
what that could be?

When the cooling/heating capacity was left blank, i.e., let the program
auto-size the system, the resulting report show some outside
throttle-range hours in each zone. I set the fan/system run always to
meet occupied and unoccupied temperature setting. Why eQUEST can't
auto-size the system to be inside throttle-rang? Do I have to manually
oversize each zone to beat the problem?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Lan Hu

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Thanks a lot for the help from Steve, Kendra and Marlin.

The 1st problem is exactly like you said, the Pump & Aux energy
consu,ption is from crankcase heat in DX.

The problem of Hrs Outside Thrl-range seems coming from morning pick-up
hours. When I increased the throttle-range or let HVAC system operate
hour before occupancy and hour after occupancy, the Hrs Outside
Thrl-range decreased. The temperature setting in plenum (the area
between drop ceiling and slab) doesn't matter just as it shouldn't.

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