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Dear all,

I just noticed the following while examining my PV-A Report:

I have 2 boilers connected to the same hot water loop, each having a
pump attached to it.

Attached to the primary HW loop is a Secondary hot water loop with its
secondary pump attached to it. The screenshot "Heating Strategy.jpg"
explains this.

Now, I assigned a loop flow of 200gpm for each boiler pumps, and 200gpm
for the secondary HW pump. The loop recirculation flows for the Primary
AND secondary HW loops is 200gpm also for each.

The issue is that, in my PV-A Report, I see:

* 200gpm for the 3 pumps (as expected), BUT

* 562gpm for Primary HW Loop

* 362gpm for Secondary HW Loop

Does anyone have an idea of why the last 2 numbers changed, even though
I manually set these to 200gpm in the program?

The issue is that I need to simply stuff for the LEED Reviewer, because
they're being really annoying in terms of auditing every single decimal

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,


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Omar Katanani

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I believe that despite of the pump capacity that you put in, the software
uses a flow that the building needs in order to provide enough heating to
the building load. As a result, the PV-A is giving is different numbers
that what you have manually put in. I am not 100% sure if my answer is
right, therefore if someone else can also share something, that would be



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