Priority in load management properties

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Hi, everyone:

I check the help files , it seems like this is different of equipment
control sequence.

If a load control with priority = 2, it should be run first, and which
one priority = 1 should be the second, is that right?

Below is the help files.

I think in the below example , "CTRL-PRIORITY-2 = 1"shold be OK,
because the equipment control have a default priority of 0, why it set
it 10 as below? Maybe I think too much.

Thank you for your helpJ


"Accepts a numeric value in the range of 1-100, where 1 is the lowest
priority, and 100 is the highest. This value is the command priority
that applies to all EQUIP-CTRL sequences listed under EQUIP-CTRL-n. You
can define multiple LOAD-MANAGEMENT sequences and these sequences can
broadcast conflicting EQUIP-CTRL sequences to the various loops. The
program resolves these conflicts via CTRL-PRIORITY-n. For a given loop
or electric meter, the EQUIP-CTRL sequence broadcast with the highest
priority will override all others. Note that EQUIP-CTRL sequences
attached locally to a loop via the CIRCULATION-LOOP:HEAT-EQUIP-CTRL or
COOL-EQUIP-CTRL have a command priority of 0. This allows all
LOAD-MANAGEMENT broadcasts to override the locally defined control.

This keyword also applies to the LOOPS-ON-n and LOOPS-OFF-n

You can enter multiple sets of data using the CTRL-FLAG-n, TEMPS-THRU-n,
EQUIP-CTRL-n, and CTRLS-PRIORITY-n sets of keywords. Normally, you
should define set #1 first, then set #2, etc.

Not all control ranges need to have values. For example, if you are
defining a control sequence of TYPE = OA-TEMP, and want to override the
local loop control only when the outdoor temperature exceeds 90F, your
input could be:

TEMPS-THRU-1 = 89.
TEMPS-THRU-2 = 120.

In this example, EQUIP-CTRL-2 will be used whenever the outdoor
temperature is above 89F, and EQUIP-CTRL-1 will be used when the
temperature is lower than 90F. However, since there are no EQUIP-CTRL
sequences listed in EQUIP-CTRL-1, no sequences will be broadcast."


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