Performance data curve for Dx cooling PSZ

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Hi All,
I created a model for a building G+4 in equest selecting the DX HVAC system
as PSZ. All the floors are similar and i have used shell multiplier to
create the 4 floors. My doubt is related to performance curve of HVAC
Refering to Air side HVAC system parameter----> Basics----->Dx performance
data Tab in detailed wizard
I created a Dx performance data curve using Dx cooling option.
Now I came across a new tab where in I need to enter Entering WBT and
Outdoor DBT and the cooling capacity in
Btu/h for user data and for normalized data.
Some blocks in normalized data are inactive.
1) I want to know where does this data entered reflect?
2) The entering block for normalized curve option is not active.Why?
3) The Tab also shows Performance curve calculated. Does it shows the curve
co-efficient? If yes? How can we calculate the value?

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