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Hello everyone,
I am trying to setup a model for PCM impregnated in the plasterboard that forms the inner surface of the walls. Though the help menu suggests that Designbuilder (Energyplus) can model PCMs, I'm unable to locate the Phase Change tab on the Materials data dialog box in order to enter the material enthalpy values. There are tabs for embodied carbon and green roofs but not for PCMs. Is there a way of activating this tab, or is this feature restricted to a particular license? I'm using DB version 3.


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Hi Apeksha,

It is probably the version issue. I would recommend you upgrade it to v 3.2
released on May 22nd. ( It has a lot of improvements and bug

You would be able to see 'Phase Change Tab' to enter temperature
coefficient and points on Enthalpy curve.

It would look like attached image. Hope that helps.

*Sukreet Singh*

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